Finnish sauna. After having a good time on the slopes you can relax in a Finnish sauna. A comfortable steam room – is not everything what we have. A pool contains spring water, from a mountain spring. And, of course, there is Carpathian snow, snowdrifts here are excellent. Sauna is especially useful if you are tired of skiing and have a muscle fever on the second day. Such controlled temperature gradient will positively affect your body and remove muscular stress as well as emotional one. Finnish sauna at “Dragobrat” allows you to avoid catching a cold or freezing. You will make your mood and blood circulation better and receive restful sleep after the procedure. Those who want to steam, can order food and drinks from our pizzeria. There are brooms and various bath accessories on sale.

Game room. Tired on the slope, but still have a desire to have fun? We are waiting for you in the entertainment room. There are tables for ping-pong (table tennis), table hockey, children’s room, billiard and air hockey. Have a good time with your friends! Also you are welcomed to play football on the snow.

Children’s zone. If you came to “Dragobrat” with children, do not worry – we have a children’s area for the littles. There children can relax and play with their peers. The animator will look after them, play with them, and you can freely go to ski. You don’t have pay for the time children play with the animator, this service is for free.