Cost per person per day

Children under 14 years old have discount 30% of the cost of living.

CottageBegin season
till 28.12.2019
Low season
from 28.12.2019
till 11.01.2020
Low season
from 12.01.2020
till 10.03.2020
Spring season
from 11.03.2019
2-х cottage550 UAH / 460UAH800 UAH / 635UAH600 UAH / 495UAH550 UAH / 460UAH
3-х cottage520 UAH / 440UAH780 UAH / 620UAH570 UAH / 475UAH520 UAH / 440UAH
2-х hotel480 UAH / 410UAH750 UAH / 600UAH530 UAH / 445UAH480 UAH / 410UAH
3-х hotel450 UAH / 390UAH700 UAH / 565UAH500 UAH / 425UAH450 UAH / 390UAH

Prices are in UAH for accommodation for one person HB (Half Board)


Additional services:

Additional cost:

When settling for one day, an additional payment of 20 UAH per person.

Children under 5 years stay free of charge, meals on request.

If necessary, a baby cot is provided.

Children under 14 have a 30% discount on accommodation.

More about accommodation…

Prices for cable cars:


You can buy it either in the ticket office of ‘Dragobrat’ or on the website.

  • cableway length 1000m  Mt.Stog
  • cableway «Dopelmayer» 1 200 m. Mt.Stog
  • Multilift 1 – 260m — Mt.Stog
  • Multilift 2 – 230m – Beginner

Prices for Ski-pass for those who stay at ski resort ‘Dragobrat’

numberAdultsChildren(under14 y.o.)Children and Adults
cableway «Dopelmayer»cableway «Dopelmayer»Multilift
1 lift ticket40 UAH25 UAH20 UAH
3 lift tickets100 UAH.50 UAH40 UAH
5 lift tickets150 UAH.80 UAH60 UAH
10 lift tickets250 UAH130 UAH100 UAH
20 lift tickets450 UAH230 UAH180 UAH
50 lift tickets1100 UAH550 UAH400 UAH

prices for Ski-pass for those who don’t stay at ski resort ‘Dragobrat’

Guest who stay at the ski resort have Ski-pass discount up 15%

Кол-воAdultsChildren(under14 y.o.)Children and adults
cableway «Dopelmayer» cableway «Dopelmayer» Multilift
1 lift ticket50 UAH.30 UAH20 UAH
3 lift tickets120 UAH60 UAH40 UAH
5 lift tickets180 UAH100 UAH60 UAH
10 lift tickets300 UAH180 UAH100 UAH
20 lift tickets550 UAH300 UAH180 UAH
50 lift tickets1300 UAH650 UAH400 UAH

(This discount is valid from the beginning of the season if you buy Ski-pass at the ticket office of ski resort)

Rental of gear:

At the SR «Dragobrat» you can equip yourself with all necessary things, you can receive a help with that as well. Here you can find every possible size (including ski gear for children over 2 years old.  More about rental.

(under 10)
Ski set150-200 UAH/day100 UAH/day350 UAH/day
Snowboard set150-200 UAH/day100 UAH/day

instructor services:

We teach fast, properly and with fun! More about our ski shcool

 Ski, Snowboard
«Main season»
from 28.12.16 till 11.01.17
Ski, Snowboard
«Low season»
till 28.12.16 from 11.01.17
Price (per hour)400 UAH400 UAH

Additional services:

More about entertainment at SR“Dragobrat”..

Sauna (under 8 people)250 UAH/hour
table tennis1hour- 80 UAH
Air hockey10 min -50 UAH
Animator – children’s zone80 UAH/hour